Vivien Collingwood


“Bedankt, het ziet er perfect uit, je hebt de juiste toon getroffen!”

“De teksten zien er sublime uit!”

Many factors are important in translation: finding the right word is essential, of course, but so is finding the right tone and producing a text that reads well in the target language. The differences between a text that feels like it has been translated and one that flows smoothly can be subtle, but they matter a great deal.

I translate from Dutch into English. I specialise in texts in the areas of international relations, history, development studies, social science and politics. I also do more general translations, from annual reports and websites to more creative and literary assignments.

If you have a text to be translated, please get in touch.

You can send texts for translation in hard or soft copy. Electronic formats are ideal as they are easier to share and any data such as tables and figures can be copied.

On rates:

I charge by the word, meaning that I can give you an accurate quote before embarking on the job.

I can offer a discounted rate if the text to be translated is of a considerable length – e.g. 10,000 words or more.

For more information on rates and any other questions you might have, please feel free to contact me.