Vivien Collingwood

About me

I've been living and working in the Netherlands since 2003. Like many translators and editors, I worked in a number of fields before specialising in language.

I started out as an academic, training as a historian and political scientist (BA in History, Cambridge university, MPhil and DPhil in International Relations, Oxford University). I spent a year doing postdoctoral work at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. I published a number of articles in academic journals and books, including in Ethics and International Affairs, The Review of International Studies and Political Studies Review (see list below).

I've also worked in the non-governmental sector. Between 2006 and 2007 I worked for Artsen zonder Grenzen, the Dutch branch of Médicins sans Frontières.

In addition to my academic degrees, I have a postgraduate certificate in the Principles and Practice of Translation (with Distinction) from City University, London.

I'm a full member of SENSE, the Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors in the Netherlands, and of the NGTV (Nederlands Genootschap van Tolken en Vertalers/the Dutch association of interpreters and translators).

Book translations (all published by AUP):

  • Piet de Rooy, trans. V. Collingwood (2015), A tiny spot on the earth: The political culture of the Netherlands in the nineteenth and twentieth century
  • Rob de Wijk, trans. V. Collingwood (2015), Power politics: How China and Russia reshape the world
  • Erik Zürcher, trans. V. Collingwood (2017), Three months in Mao’s China
  • Joris Buis et al., trans. V. Collingwood (2017), Academic skills for interdisciplinary studies
  • Bert van der Zwaan, trans. V. Collingwood (2017), Higher Education in 2040: A Global Approach
  • Emerentia van Heuven-van Nes (ed), trans. V. Collingwood (2017), Darling Queen, Dear old Bones. Queen Wilhelmina’s Correspondence with her English Governess Miss Saxton Winter, 1886-1935
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